Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Young, Black, Male, Christian, and Committed

Like many of you there are just some shows that I CANNOT miss. Because I am a student I carefully monitor my list of television shows to ensure that I am not consumed by nightly television. Whenever I am home from school on a little break I enjoy spending countless hours in front of the television, or in front of my computer watching a wide variety television shows (Don’t judge me!). My parents make this a little easier for me; it seems as if every time I come home they are hooked on another television show. Tonight as my mother sat down to watch “The Sing-Off” for the second time this week, I decided to join her (after all I had to do something while my homemade deep conditioner worked its magic lol).

I don’t know much about “The Sing-Off”, but for those of you who are completely unfamiliar let me fill you in. “The Sing-Off” it’s kind of like “American-Idol” but for groups. The Groups that participate in the show sing completely A Capella, and are judged by a panel each week. Then American gets to vote for their favorite group, and each week the group with the lowest votes gets kicked off.

Tonight as I sat down and watched the show I instantly fell in love with a group of extremely talented young Black men, a group called “Committed”. After only a few seconds of watching “Committed” perform it was extremely evident that they are very musically inclined, and judging from the reaction of the crowd well received. After the performance when the group had a chance to comment , it became clear to me that this group of young men are not only blessed with a special musical ability, but not afraid of sharing with millions of people that they are proud Christians who understand that their success is simply just a result of God’s grace.

Simply just being me, I immediately began to do my research on these young men because it is not very often that you see a group of six well put together young black men on a reality television show being portrayed in a positive light. What I discovered is that the group “Committed” epitomizes what it means to be Committed.

Unfortunately we live in a society that tells us that Committed, young, Black, Christian, men do not exist. According to “statistics”, the media, politicians, and even some leading scholar’s young, Black, men in this country are simply not Committed. They are not Committed to their education, their families, their jobs, or the Lord. But I know, and I hope you know that this is far from the truth. Let us not fall victim to the very often bias, and sometimes false images of young Black men that we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Men that love the Lord, and are Committed to living successful, and productive lives have always, and still do exist.

Although I did not need a reality show to remind me that Committed young Black Christian still/do exist, I am extremely grateful that for the last couple of weeks millions of Americans have been able to see just how Committed young Black Christian men are/can be.

***** You can VOTE for COMMITTED Until December 19th by calling this number…..1-877-674-6401..Season Finale Monday December 20, 2010, NBC, 8pm

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  1. Yes--sometimes with all the images subliminal and not so subliminal messages that we are bombarded with about our Black men, we need reassurance. We need a simple positive message such as this one! thanks tashy



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