Thursday, March 24, 2011

Yesterday I lost Apart of Me

For all my life I have had this big fat juicy mole under my left armpit. When I was younger the fact that it was there bothered me once in a blue moon, but as I got older I learned to appreciate and actually really like my mole, after all it was another one of the things that made me, ME! Two of my friends even named my mole "Russell the armpit muscle”. Sadly yesterday "Russell the armpit muscles” life came to an end.

My Mole for the years it had been sitting there never really caused any issues, up until recently that is. Right before my senior year it got really infected and extra swollen, and every now and again the area around my mole would start to act up. However for 98% of the time my mole just sat quietly under my arm causing no trouble. Russell despite the few times he caused me some unnecessary drama was simply just… Apart of me!

Yesterday, after months maybe even years of being strongly advised to see a dermatologist just to make sure Russell was not more danger than he led on to be I made it to a doctor’s appointment that I have literally missed three times in the past. As soon as my Doctor stepped into the room, and even before I could fully explain the reason for my visit he informed me that he would be removing my mole before I left his office.

Although it was NOT my intention to get my mole removed yesterday, I realize as I reflect on the experience that once again God was teaching me a lesson in a situation where I least expected it.

Lately I have been really thinking about some of the things in my life that I have become little to conformable with; things that are probably not the best for me but still have managed to in many ways become “Apart” of me. If we are all real with ourselves just for a moment I am sure we would realize that we have things that at some point in time have become “Apart" of us, things that like Russell are probably more harmful than they appear to be. If we continue to be real with ourselves, we would also realize that sometimes we recognize but choose to ignore for whatever reason the things in our lives that we know have the potential to do more harm than good. We all at times become so comfortable with certain things in our lives that we very often find ourselves ignoring, not dealing with, or downplaying the severity of of the things that are “Apart” us, the things we know deep down inside should not be “Apart” of us.

Today I urge to all revaluate the things in your life that have become "Apart" of you. The things that you know truly do not represent or are keeping you from being what God has designed you to be. These things can come in so many forms, a mole, a friendship, a romantic relationship, a place, a job, or maybe even school. Life is about change, and sometimes change requires that we get rid of, or seriously make some changes to the things that we have become comfortable with. After all loosing or changing "apart" of you is not always a bad thing.

The great thing about life and the wonderful thing about God is that the things in life that weight us down, or keep us from living our lives the way God intended us to do not have to be “Apart” of us. And like my doctor did yesterday God can just snip them away, or help us make needed change.

As you reflect on some of the unnecessary and/or harmful things that have become “Apart” of you, I will be doing the same!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Loving It......

Guess Who's Back!!!

I have actually really missed my Blog for the past couple of months, but sadly I have not had time to post anything. I am on Spring Break so hopefully I'll get a couple of post in before I leave!

Since I've missed my blog so much I came up with this grand master plan of what my next three post would be about, but I don't have the mental energy to make it happen right now (and I probably should be cuddling up with my Thesis, and not my Blog).

Anyway, I decided that the best thing to come back to you all with would be a HAIR UPDATE!
Yes, I know your excited!!

If your new to this blog check out these two post, for some background info!

The complexity of........MY HAIR! ("My Hair Story")

I'm Back...... with a HAIR Update!!

I am still extremely happy with the Natural hair thing! It's crazy that just a couple of months ago you would have NOT, under NO circumstances caught me out in public without a weave, or braids(Clearly I had some issues). Other than the fact the my hair is probably healthier than its ever been,my natural hair has truly got me LOVINGGGG me!!!!

I cut off like a Inch when I was home in December, these are the Results!

I got tired of my usual braids in the front, fro in the back thing. So I came up with this one week(With the help of some blogs, YES i am still obsessed, Don't Judge!)

So I got this Hat and a Black one! They come in HANDY, trust me!
My mom got at me when I got off the plane with the Black one on, she told me she hopes I don't go to school with it on my head(if she only knew)!
Before I started to do this after I washed my hair, I would have to stay inside for like a day until I got it under control again! But this works, so I do it every week after I wash, set it at night and I am ready to go the next morning!

This is after an allllllll nighter, check out the bags under my eyes!!
I was feeling my hair this day though!!
So hard at work!!!

I'm so cute right!!
All these pics are from the weekend, the only time I wear my hair out!

I have been REALLY trying to work on my impulsive trips to Target, Beauty Supply Stores, or the hair section of Whole Foods! I have only had one set back in my "I will not buy Hair products I don't need" mission.
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