Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm Back...... with a HAIR Update!!

Hey Everyone!

Yes I know it has been awhile, but I have been consumed with never ending school work, along with dealing with all the other stuff that come along with being in Grad School; all while trying to adjust to living in a new State in a new part of the country! (That is another Blog that I am not ready to write yet, But Coming soon!)

So, since I am not ready to talk about the last three months (still processing it all), I have decided to Update you all on my HAIR!!!!!!!

If you remember in
my last Blog I talked about my reasons and the process I went through in deciding to wear my hair completely natural ( No perm, weave, braids, etc). Today I can say with even more confidence that I am EXTREMELY happy, and satisfied with my decision. It is absolutely amazing what happens when you give your hair just a little bit of love, my hair is probably healthier than it’s ever been. I have seen drastic changes and it’s only been three months!

Day One-August 17, 2010 Looking Back I have come a LONG way! Take a look at the rest of the pics, and you will see for yourself.

Now looking Back at these pics I can really see a big difference.....This was a couple of weeks in! At this point in time did not understand that moisture was important, and I think my hair was still in shock and not yet responding to the attention. *** Although this has nothing to do with my hair my summer tan that I loved so much is all gone now(sigh!)
My first Style- Thanks Ash!

My first Day Of Grad School! I was excited(If I only knew...lol) At this point I was still getting the Hang of the whole Natural thing.

This is how I wear my hair during the week most of the time. I braid the front(change the style every week), twist the back and pin it up. Its easier in the morning, and helps to protect my hair.

The Last couple of Pics are a clear indication that my hair is responding really well to my new Hair care methods, also a clear indication that I now realize that moisture is important!

Finals week....No time to Wash or Style so I wore it like this...and it Worked out!!

Last Night...and the Last of the Pics Until Next time!

Confession- Thanks to my Hair, my nail polish addiction has now turned into a natural hair product addiction (which is not good for my budget), and because I have an addictive personality I have also become addicted to YouTube videos on natural hair, and natural hair blogs!

Can’t wait to see what my hair looks like in a Few Months!! I’ll keep you all Updated!!!

P.S. I am on vacation, so I will not neglect my Blog (at least for the next couple of weeks!)

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