Wednesday, January 1, 2014

“Dear Heavenly Father, Please make me Content"

It’s short and to some it may be simple, however the prayer “Dear Heavenly Father, please make me content” has been the most sincere, desperate, and powerful prayer that I have ever prayed.  For weeks it was a prayer that I prayed daily; and at the time it was a cry for growth, clarity, and peace. Over the past year and a half it is a prayer that I have seen change my outlook and approach to this thing called life. 

My idea of contentment was always what I would call simple. I have spent a lot of time praying, reflecting, and talking about the concept of contentment and I have come to realize that it is not that simple at all. It is complex and requires work, the type of personal work that takes time and vulnerability.

 Contentment for me was always situational; dependent on my perception of whatever it is that was going on. It was based solely on my emotions and required nothing from me. My contentment was simply just …a reaction; a reaction to a good day, a major milestone, a good conversation, good weather,  or a nice time. Content was the word that I used to describe my happiness and/or satisfaction.  Naturally, this type of contentment felt good, and I would be totally thrown off the moment that whatever it was that was making me “content” ended or disappeared. 

I have come to realize that contentment is not and should not be situational, it requires a constant understanding that God is in control, and everything that happens in life is a part of a greater plan that we might not always see or understand. Contentment requires that we fully embrace the not so nice moments in life; the moments we feel lost, afraid, hopelessness, lonely, and/or overwhelmed. Oddly, I think it requires that we find some comfort in situations that are not at all that comfortable. It also requires that we also continue to recognize and embrace moments of immense joy and comfort.

You see, contentment is the perfect peace that God promises us, a peace that is not dependent on life circumstances. In this new year, I challenge you to pray for contentment, as you continue to work towards  fulfilling your goals and dreams. I'm sure like the years that have come before it 2014 will be filled with some highs and some lows (hopefully more highs than lows!); I urge to to own, embrace, and find contentment in every moment. 

It is my prayer that God not only continues to develop and deepen my understanding of contentment, but that he continues to develop and deepen yours!

Happy New Year my Friends!!!


  1. I love this piece....such an important one. Interestingly enough, every time I see the word "contentment", I automatically think of you.

    What a powerful prayer you've been praying. I will begin to pray the same.

    Love you,

  2. Angelia Francis-BrownJanuary 3, 2017 at 10:35 PM

    Loving who you are goes a long way in the contentment process.


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