Friday, October 12, 2012

Permanently Under Construction

There is a line in the Marvin Sapp song called “Don’t Count me out”, that I have always been in love with.  This week I spent some time reflecting on it, and thought I should share.
“God is molding me and shaping me, he’s building me and making me. A “queen” is being formed right in front of your eyes”
I have become fascinated with being a young adult, and I think it’s because in many ways it has been extremely uncomfortable! Yes, I am fascinated by discomfort. More and more I realize that most of the time God is trying to show us, teach us, or do something with us during the times that we feel most uncomfortable with what life is presenting us with.   I think I  love that line in the song so much because it reminds me that my God is soooo good, and loves me soooo much that he is taking the time to mold, shape, and build me into the Woman he created me to be!

The construction site across the street from my apartment reminds in such a powerful (and loud) way that the building, molding, and shaping process is not a fast and easy one. There are some rough days, injuries, and even tears. Throughout the building, molding, and shaping process there may be periods of time when it seems no progress has been made for weeks or even months. There actually may be circumstances that make it impossible for work to be done. The process requires time and commitment, but most importantly the construction process requires that each construction worker constantly refers to the “master plan” (blueprint) in order to bring to life what the architect has envisioned.

I would like to suggest that our lives are constantly under construction, and in order to become what our master planner has already envisioned us to be, we must be in constant communication with the one who holds the master plan!

I urge you all to remember that God is molding and shaping you into something so GREAT and BEAUTIFUL. Although sometimes the “building” process may not be so smooth, you serve a God that is more than capable and willing to hold your hand each and every step of the way. A God who had promised that the end result will be GREAT!
The Wonderful thing about God is that when he has built you into the person he created you to be, he will always be there is make minor repairs! I don’t know about you but this just makes me fall in love with God even more!!

 “…No eye has ever seen or no ear has ever heard or no mind has ever thought of the wonderful things God has made ready for those who love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9… New Life Version


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