Thursday, January 9, 2014

Who holds YOU Accountable??!

            Most nights when I come home from what is typically a 10-12hr day, the LAST thing I want to do is sit on my computer and continue working. However, after I stuff my face, I usually have to get back to work for at least another 2 hours. To be completely honest, sometimes I choose the wake up early option (once I’m out of steam for the night, there is noooo turning back). If I have decided to stay up and get some work done, several things usually happen before I get to work. 

          Before, I sit down to get started I usually call and/or text my friend, if she has not already called and/or sent me a text.  Our texts and/or phone calls are very similar each day.  Text messages usually go a little something like this “we working tonight?!” or “what time you gonna be on?!”. Then depending on my mood, I try to talk her into joining me for some work on Skype, or I try to convince her that we should both wake up at a very disrespectful time to do work (  Sometimes she is the one doing the convincing).  Once we make a decision we get on Skype, and after 20 -30 mins of catching up on the happenings of our day, talking about something in the news, complaining about life as a grad student, laughing at something that only we would find funny, or “checking emails” (the most productive procrastination tool); we GET TO WORK! Most nights we are pretty productive. However,  when we choose the morning option I’m usually the productive one!

           Now I know this sounds like a lot, but this all happens because my friend has become my accountability partner, and I would like to think (actually I know) that I am hers.  

            I also have accountability partners in other aspects of my life as. I have found that having people to hold me accountable in not only my academic life, but in my spiritual growth, and attempt at living a healthy lifestyle has proved itself to be very beneficial.

           Now, don’t get me wrong I am not dependent nor should I every become dependent on these people for my growth. I simply just believe and recognize that as humans it is natural and extremely beneficial for us to seek support and guidance from others. It makes us stronger people when we recognize that sometimes we can’t accomplish things on our own. We are also naturally social creatures and should take advantage of our daily interactions with other.

        I encourage you all to go out and find someone to hold you accountable. Maybe you have a goal you want to accomplish, maybe you need an extra push to work out, eat healthy, change jobs, apply to school, get closer to God, or make some other major life change. Maybe you simply just  need someone to encourage you when you are not feeling your best. Whatever your reason for seeking out an accountability partner choose: 

1. Someone who is honest.
2. Someone who will and knows how to  put you in check.
3. Someone who knows how to deal with your crappy moods.
4. Someone you know will stay on your back (even if they get annoying).
5. Someone you trust. (Most important)

           Your accountability partner will be there to motivate you, check in on you, encourage you, and help you see your goals to the end. If you already have one, tell them you appreciate them!!

In end it is most important to be accountable to God and yourself!


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